Cashmere production


Producing cashmere garments from the raw fiber to full garment is long and complicated process with several stages of hard work that are equally important. Here is the short journey of your warm cashmere garment from local Mongolian herder’s home to your wardrobe.

  1. Cashmere collecting process.

When warm spring comes to Mongolia, goat fleece between their hair gets loose and herders hand-comb it off in traditional way. It is called cashmere fiber.

  1. Washing and sorting

After collecting the cashmere from hundreds of nomad families washing and sorting is done. It is washed several times and gets dried. Then it is hand sorted by our experienced factory workers. They check and ensure that no other object such as us dirt, small stones or other objects.

  1. Dehairing

It is the process of sorting long fibers from the short ones to ensure the longer and softer fibers are used for higher quality results.

  1. Coloring

Only high-quality fiber gets to be colored for the best quality cashmere yarn. We do not have this stage for our GOBI ORGANIC brand as we keep the organic color from the collecting and sorting stage as we keep the organic color.

  1. Yarn making

Colored fiber gets twisted and spun and becomes yarn.

  1. Knitting

When yarn is ready knitting process starts. Gobi uses the most advances technologies. Some of the garments are knitted part by part but some of the modern machineries are able to knit garment as a whole at once.

  1. Linking

For those separately knitted garment parts, linking part is crucial as our expert factory workers link them carefully by hole by hole.

  1. Quality check

Each step includes quality check afterwards. But this one is special as the quality assurance team checks every single knit hole; linkage performance one by one.

  1. Final wash

One last washing is required in order to make the whole garment softer and fluffier. This stage plays important role to make the garment comfortable and cozy. Along the process, depending on the yarn type, design and color, each garment needs to be taken care in differently for certain temperature of washing.

  1. Ironing

Steam ironing should be done properly after the washing.

  1. Labelling

Each label is carefully sewed to the garment with care.

  1. Packing

Then our employees fold and pack the garment in proper way for the delivery stage.

  1. Delivery

Our sales team and marketing team works hard to promote and have you heard about Gobi cashmere products. After your order, it gets delivered directly from Mongolia to your doorsteps through our worldwide delivery system.