Cashmere is for Everyone

Cashmere brings everyone together. You’ll find that GOBI delivers the perfect cashmere to suit every individual’s unique needs no matter where they are in the world.



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The rapid growth of digital online shopping presents an opportunity for brands to reach a wide range of consumers worldwide. GOBI is the first Mongolian cashmere brand to go completely online for its venture into the worldwide market. This significant move to go international is motivated by the drive to make high-quality, affordable Mongolian cashmere readily available to everyone on a global scale.


Gobi’s launch of international online stores - USA/CANADA, EUROPE

In Mongolia, where the world’s best cashmere producing goats are in abundance, locals benefit from easy access to affordable cashmere whereas overseas consumers are exposed to overpriced and lower-quality cashmere products. To provide everyone an equal opportunity and access to premium Mongolian cashmere, GOBI has launched four official online stores. As of 2020, there are online stores specially dedicated to China, the European Union, Germany, and the United States – the latter being the most recent. Each website is catered towards their respective markets to provide customers the best shopping experience and always 100% premium Mongolian cashmere.

Maintaining the quality of cashmere while keeping it at affordable prices is meant to bridge everyone together. GOBI manages these low prices due to the elimination of the middlemen who skyrocket the cost of cashmere fibers. By purchasing directly from the local nomads without a go-between, the herders are given a fair price while also allowing GOBI to keep their cashmere products at an affordable rate. Gone are the days where cashmere is exclusive to a select group. GOBI prides themselves in supplying families of various incomes all around the world for they believe cashmere is a luxury that everyone should experience once in their lifetime, thus making “affordable luxury” a key characteristic of the cashmere brand.



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Gobi's branch store in Germany

A portion of the world’s population is reluctant to switch exclusively into the world of online shopping. Not willing to exclude this group of customers, GOBI has established 2 branch stores in the German cities of Berlin and Hamburg where cashmere enthusiasts can gather. Their purpose is to be more inclusive; catering to customers who are eager to skip the delivery time and fees that comes with online orders. Most importantly, GOBI’s physical stores allow customers to build a deeper connection to the cashmere brand and its products by allowing them to physically touch and feel the real high-quality of pure Mongolian cashmere straight from the nomadic steppes. It is the customers’ experience (both online and offline) that GOBI is proud to offer internationally.



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A visit to a nomadic herder family, Dundgovi province, Mongolia.

Cashmere is for everyone. This not only includes customers, but also the nomadic herders who are the heart and soul of GOBI’s cashmere. These nomads raise and nurture Mongolia’s most valuable asset: goats. To them cashmere plays an important role in their daily life. According to Wurzinger and Purevdorj, cashmere is a source of income and employment for more than a third of the nation’s population making up 90% of total household income. This shows that goats are also very much a valuable and loved animal to the nomads. In this sense, cashmere is for herders for without this fine fiber, nomadic families would not be able to follow their centuries-old traditions and thrive in their ancestral home among the Mongolian steppes.



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Organic Cashmere

Gobi Organic FW 19/20, Gobi Cashmere

Cashmere is organic in the truest sense of the word. As a natural fiber, cashmere is both hypoallergenic and an anti-irritant. At GOBI, organic cashmere products can easily be identified by its color. Mongolia is the only country where goats of 4 natural colors: brown, beige, warm grey, and white can be found. However, it is not just the natural color that makes cashmere at GOBI organic. Ready to shed cashmere wool is combed directly from a goat’s underbelly and undergoes washing, spinning, etc. without using chemicals. This results in GOBI’s line of organic cashmere products specifically meant for customers susceptible to various allergies and chemicals, even newborn infants and children.



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Gobi’s YAMA SS 19/20 catalogue.

Do you constantly have trouble finding your size or not sure if it will fit? GOBI has a wide range of cashmere products that are free-sized such as ponchos, socks, scarves, hats, and gloves. Free-sized cashmere is possible thanks to its unique characteristic that allows it to contour and adjust to the wearer’s body. In addition to free-sized cashmere, GOBI supports breaking gender barriers by creating unisex cashmere garments. To truly show that there is a cashmere for everyone, there is a range of items available for anyone of any gender to wear with confidence and style.



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GOBI’s cashmere products use is always up to you. There is no right or wrong way to wear cashmere. For instance, a cashmere scarf can be used as shawl, wrap, or a blanket depending on your needs and your environment. GOBI also suggests cashmere blankets to be used as a child’s comfort blanket, as a home decoration, a picnic blanket for outdoor activities, as a shawl, or as a security blanket to reduce stress. Furthermore, it’s not just the uses but also the occasions where cashmere shows versatility. Cashmere can be worn at various events ranging from casual to formal for it perfectly pairs with many accessories. You know it’s versatile when you can easily style up or down with almost anything.


A child relaxing at home in a Gobi cashmere blanket.



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Gobi’s cashmere holiday gifts – basic turtlenecks.

There is no better gift than cashmere. A part of why cashmere is considered luxurious is due to its lifespan. It is long-lasting and enduring making it the perfect gift to give to your loved ones, whether it’s a special holiday, birthday, or anniversary. With a wide range of styles and designs, there is a cashmere item everyone will love and cherish. Giving cashmere as a present will suit all friends and family such as grandparents, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, daughters and sons. Cashmere will always remain the top warm, cozy gift due to its soft and warm natural fibers.



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Gobi’s sub-brands.

Cashmere has long been seen as clothing for the middle-aged and the elderly due to its sky-high prices. Understandably, the high price tags of cashmere brands deter the younger generations and fuels the stereotype. However, GOBI is destroying that notion by producing cashmere that is both affordable and luxurious compared to other well-known cashmere brands. GOBI even went a step further by creating sub-brands that cater towards specific age-groups such as “KID GOYO” and “GOYO”. As a children’s collection, KID GOYO is designed to allow comfort and movement for toddlers and young children whereas GOYO is geared towards stylish young adolescents that want trendy high-quality cashmere. All of GOBI’s other sub-brands such as GOBI ORGANIC, YAMA and HERDERS are equally affordable and of high-quality cashmere.