We officially trademarked the phrase "World #1 Cashmere Coat Company"

We officially trademarked the phrase "World #1 Cashmere Coat Company"

GOBI Cashmere is known for being one of the largest cashmere manufacturers in the world and one of the pioneers in cashmere coat manufacturing. We have been proudly making 100% cashmere coats from noble fiber taken straight from Mongolian herders’ pasture met with modern technology. It is our utmost point of pride that we bring cruelty-free, responsibly-made, finest quality and the most affordable pieces to our loyal customers.

Now it is official that we got the phrase “World #1 Cashmere coat company” trademarked in the US and are entitled to use the trademark in connection with the goods covered by this registration. GOBI Cashmere was founded in 1981 through the cooperation of Japan and Mongolia’s governments. Since that time, we have been writing history of cashmere manufacturing not only in Mongolia, but around the world.

Cashmere coat is the integral element of GOBI Cashmere and by having this phrase trademarked, it’s purpose has been to get recognized for Gobi's cashmere coat quality and production quantity. We promise to continuously better our production and the value we bring.

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