Gobi Corporation supports sustainable animal husbandry

Gobi Corporation supports sustainable animal husbandry

Gobi Corporation is collaborating with the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and SFA (SUSTAINABLE FIBRE ALLIANCE) on the “supporting sustainable cashmere production” project under the slogan “From nomadic herders to worldwide brand”. The goal of the project is to reduce and prevent pasture degradation, protect wildlife and the development of cashmere farming.

The project opened in 2018 with a training session to introduce the appropriate use of  pastures and suitable habits of animal husbandry, cashmere preparation and the outcomes of these practices to the local herder unions of Dornogovi and Bayankhongor provinces.

Following the implementation of the training an assembly was held on the 18th of October at the conference hall of Blue-Sky Hotel to report the results of the “From nomadic herders to worldwide brand” project. The main agendas of the conference consisted of reporting the outcomes of the training given to the two unions of local herders and discussions on potential future risks that could affect nature.

Gobi corporation highlights its dedication towards the cause and acknowledges the risk of improper pasture use promising to invest 150 thousand euros and strive in being a responsible member of the cashmere industry.

Overall the results proved the project has had a number of positive outcomes including better pasture health, increased wildlife numbers, economic growth for the unions and improved value and quality of Mongolia cashmere.

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