Go Organic with Gobi Cashmere!

Go Organic with Gobi Cashmere!

Hello! Can we get your attention here? Because we are about to tell you the most special quality about our Organic line. Our organic pieces are non-dyed, non-bleached, hypoallergenic, and made of 4 natural colors of Mongolian cashmere. And nope, it’s not over! Organic production requires a lot less natural resources while leaving a relatively less chemical footprint on our little blue planet too.

From the scorching hotness to the bone-chilling coldness of the extremity of the Mongolian climate causes Mongolian goats to grow 4 different colors of cashmere fiber accordingly to the climate of the region they live in.

The color of cashmere depends on the location:

The pure white goats, usually of medium size, with sun-shaped horns, bright black crystal eyes, are well adapted to graze in the extremely hot and harsh climate of the Gobi Desert.

These dark grey goats with dark brown hair graze in the high mountain and forest-steppe regions of Mongolia, affecting their specialty long fiber and good viability.

The beige and reddish goats are well adapted to the pastoral conditions of the Gobi Desert and steppe regions. Their cashmere is light in color with a slight orange tint and is special by its elasticity and silkiness.

Blue and grey goats are incredibly rare. Their warm grey cashmere can only be found in Mongolia making up only 2% of the country’s goat population, sparsely populating the western part.

The term “organic” is not a new concept for Mongolian herders whose lifestyles mostly revolve around nature and their livestock. We have been using and consuming the most organic livestock by-products for hundreds of years while letting them eat the freshest of greens and graze in the vast steppe with as much freedom.

To preserve this uniqueness of our people’s lifestyle through conscious production, we present our Organic collection every year and we can proudly say this collection is the most authentic and original version of Mongolian cashmere.

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